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Artur Zoku, Turkey
Wednesday August 16, 2017 09:55

ifilm, you have improved your videos now. May God bless you.

Zainab Rabbani, Iraq
Wednesday August 16, 2017 09:55

I like You&ifilm. It is a good idea to see some presenters talking to us about what is going on at ifilm.

Ismail Zaki, Pakistan
Wednesday August 16, 2017 09:55

Thanks a lot for uploading my beloved series ‘Zero Degree Turn’ on your YouTube channel.

Nasir Yousuf, Sudan
Sunday August 13, 2017 09:44

I watch ifilm English more than ifilm Arabic. If you open ifilm in any other language, I will watch it.

Umair Barelvi, Pakistan
Sunday August 13, 2017 09:44

I wanted to genuinely thank you for responding to our comments. Thanks for everything.

Batool, Iran
Saturday August 12, 2017 17:07

The best series is world apart seed and peta look rely cute to gether and when is the movie speghtii in 8 min will be on TV.


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Christopher Aweh from Malaysia

Pakistan sent by Yann Arthus

Pakistan sent by Yann Arthus

Mayon Volcano, sent by Najma Abbas

Colors of India sent by Shaheena Ameena from India

Sent by Sonja Johnson, Bali, Indonesia

Sent by Sonja Johnson, Bali, Indonesia

Blyde River Canyon, sent by Edmond from South Africa


Your Videos

Stephen Mupinha from Zimbabwe, Africa

<p>Stephen Mupinha from Zimbabwe, Africa</p>


Patrick Mhike from Zimbabwe

<p>&nbsp;Patrick Mhike from Zimbabwe&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>


Olabode Sanusi, Nigeria


Ramadan Kareem in Advance, Ali from Iraq



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Your Views

Dear valued viewers, ifilm wishes you to speak your mind about the channel’s strengths and weaknesses. Do suggest new ideas to improve the quality of our programs as well.
Time :
From your perspective, which ifilm movies or series have had the biggest impact on your life? Do share your reasons for the pick with other viewers.
Time :
What do you think of ifilm playlist? What movies and series would you like to watch on your channel?
Time :
‘The Pahlavi Hat’ tells the story of an Iranian governor who is set on rebuilding a county in the western style. What roles do ifilm series play in improving one’s knowledge about cultural conflict?
Time :
How would you evaluate ifilm success in encouraging appropriate behavior? Which moments of ifilm series and movies have moved you most?
Time :
Iranian New Year, Nowruz, celebrates the first day of Spring. What wishes do you have for the new season?
Time :

Poll Results

In your opinion, what value within a family is mostly addressed in Iranian series and movies?

1. Honesty

33.3% 2. Respect
33.3% 3. Faithfulness
33.3% 4. Intimacy and affection

Looking at ‘Arts & Culture’ section on the website, what kind of stories do you prefer to read?

1. International achievements by Iranian films

33.3% 2. Production/screening stages of Iranian films
33.3% 3. Stories on Iranian actors/actresses
19% 4. Social/cultural stories

Which of the following elements deserves more credit for the success of ‘The Men of Angelos’ series?

1. Direction

28.6% 2. Screenplay
19% 3. Cast selection
23.8% 4. Scenic design

As an ifilm viewer, which genre of series would you prefer to watch?

1. Historical

13.9% 2. Social-Familial
41.7% 3. Comedy
30.6% 4. Action


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