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Sabrina, Nigeria
Saturday June 24, 2017 09:00

Hello, I like the action movies and wish to watch more of such movies on ifilm.

Jumani Tebulo, Malawi
Saturday June 24, 2017 09:00

 ifilm is one of my favorite channels that I keep watching daily.

Narjis, Australia
Saturday June 24, 2017 09:00

I just finished watching this series ‘Youth’ on your Youtube and it is honestly one of the best I have ever watched as it remained interesting throughout; they have done a great job! I especially love how the Islamic dress code has been presented throughout the series, it's absolutely beautiful!

Sarah, Egypt
Saturday June 24, 2017 08:59

Hi ifilm. I enjoy your series, but why are you repeating the films that we have recently seen? Please show new movies. Thanks.

al-Amiin Mohammed, Tanzania
Saturday June 24, 2017 08:59

I love Iranian culture; I will definitely visit Iran in the near future.

Abbas Zakipour, Iran
Saturday June 24, 2017 08:59

Hello ifilm. Thanks for your great programs. Please do not repeat the old movies.


Your Photos

Manuel Rreshka from UK

Akam Noaman from Iraq

Milton from Zimbabwe

Milton from Zimbabwe

Ramadan lantern "fanous", sent by Rana from Egypt

Ramadan lantern "fanous", sent by Rana from Egypt

Zeeshan Khalid from Pakistan

Zeeshan Khalid from Pakistan

Ahmad Jabbar from India

Ahmad Jabbar from India


Your Videos

Stephen Mupinha from Zimbabwe, Africa

<p>Stephen Mupinha from Zimbabwe, Africa</p>


Patrick Mhike from Zimbabwe

<p>&nbsp;Patrick Mhike from Zimbabwe&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>


Olabode Sanusi, Nigeria


Ramadan Kareem in Advance, Ali from Iraq



Your Voices




Your Views

What do you think of ifilm playlist during the holy month of Ramadan? What movies and series would you like to watch following the auspicious occasion of Eid al-Fitr?
Time :
‘The Pahlavi Hat’ tells the story of an Iranian governor who is set on rebuilding a county in the western style. What roles do ifilm series play in improving one’s knowledge about cultural conflict?
Time :
How would you evaluate ifilm success in encouraging appropriate behavior? Which moments of ifilm series and movies have moved you most?
Time :
Iranian New Year, Nowruz, celebrates the first day of Spring. What wishes do you have for the new season?
Time :
Which series and movies would you like ifilm to broadcast in the future?
Time :
How familiar are you with Iran’s tourist attractions and how successful has ifilm been in introducing them?
Time :

Poll Results

If you were to pick up a role to play in one of the series currently on ifilm, which one would you choose?

1. Malik al-Ashtar (Imam Ali (AS))

30% 2. Haj Younes Fotouhi (The Forbidden Fruit)
16.7% 3. Madineh (Madineh) 
20% 4. Pejman Jamshidi (Pejman)

Among ifilm series currently on air, which one is your first pick?

1. The Pahlavi Hat

15.4% 2. Solace of the Heart
2.6% 3. The Bounced Check
53.8% 4. Pejman

Through which medium do you watch programs broadcast on ifilm?

1. Satellite

20.8% 2. Online
47.2% 3. Cable
3.8% 4. Other

Which of the following series do you enjoy watching the most?

1. Four Wheels

43.3% 2. No Pain, No Gain
10% 3. Dirty Money
20% 4. A House without a Bird


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