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Friday April 21, 2017 17:3424

April 21 marks Sa’di Commemoration Day in Iran

Iranians mark a national commemoration day in honor of great Persian poet Sa’di, holding various events across the country.

Falling on April 21, the honoring day for the great poet is widely marked by holding literary conferences and gatherings, among other functions.

Works authored by Sa'di are mostly based on the best ethical teachings for the humanity with impressive fame beyond the Iranian borders. Some of his famous works include ‘Bustan’ (The Orchard) and ‘Gulistan’ (The Rose Garden).

This comes as Book City Institute in Tehran was to host a two-day meeting on Sa’adi (1213-1291) and Hugo (1802-1885) in the Iranian capital city of Tehran on April 18. Several Iranian literati were said to attend the event.

"Bani Adam" (the Children of Adam) is one particular poem written by Sa’di greatly acknowledged by the worldwide audience.

Here is a translation of famous poem:

“All human beings are members of one frame,

Since all, at first, from the same essence came.

When time afflicts a limb with pain

The other limbs at rest cannot remain.

If thou feel not for other’s misery

A human being is no name for thee.”